Uli Datler rejuvenates piano trio format on new album

Uli Datler Trio – A Dancing Shape

Hailing from Austria, Uli Datler has multiple talents – performer, pianist, keyboardist, arranger, and composer. Those creative skills shine brightly on his latest effort, A Dancing Shape. Together with bassist Alexander Lackner and drummer Christian Grobauer, Datler has crafted an album that rejuvenates the piano trio format.

On “Dedication,” Datler and his band soothes the soul with its engaging melodies. The trio does an astounding job balancing light and darkness in the track, even though the emotions present in the song carry a heavier weight. The short pauses are brilliantly placed, creating a subtle impact that will keep listeners hypnotized. A cover of the Beatles‘ „Eleanor Rigby“ unveils more of Datler’s mastery of the piano; the original’s message of loneliness is given a fresh take of jazzy exuberance yet is still completely recognizable and wonderfully charismatic.

The perfect way to mark the end of an album is a song that can leave a lasting imprint on its listeners. “I Miss You Too” is a song that does not lack feelings and sincerity. This slow jam embodies the feeling of longing through its sentimental approach and mesmerizing music. Datler again incorporates the use of short pauses to make the song more beautiful. It will definitely leave a mark.

Overall, A Dancing Shape is an album has substance and depth. It was structured in a way that it sounds unique and flavorful, brimming with a vast array of emotions and colors.



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